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syrencot wedding your wedding hero
syrencot wedding your wedding hero
Syrencot Glasshouse
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syrencot wedding your wedding the farmshed
syrencot wedding your wedding the farmshed

Syrencot House is one of six settlements in the parish of Figheldean that is thought to be of Saxon origin

In Britain, the Anglo-Saxon period spans from approximately 410-1066AD. However, not much is known about the history of Syrencot before the 11th century when the manor was held by the Hussey family. In the 14th century, Syrencot had become its own hamlet with the manor house at the centre.

The manor was bought by Thomas Dyke in 1639, descending through the family to William Dyke who owned it in 1781. William Dyke was hailed as ‘the greatest farmer in Wiltshire’ keeping over 5,000 sheep on the grounds of Syrencot!

Syrencot additions

Syrencot House is thought to have been enlarged in 1738 with the addition of the three-storeyed southern section. In 1773, Syrencot House was all that remained of the hamlet and Syrencot’s distinctive crinkle crankle garden wall first featured in an Ordnance Survey map in 1880, with the iconic Glasshouse being added by 1901.

The Military History of Syrencot

Syrencot has an extensive military history, being used by the War Department during World War II as an establishment for paratroopers. It was the headquarters of the First and Six Airborne Divisions, playing a vital part in the successful assault on mainland Europe.

Syrencot was also the military residence of Lieutenant General Browning, General Sir Richard Cole, and Lord Allenbroke throughout World War II. It became the founding base for the airborne divisions and the planning and mounting of Operation Overlord (the Allied invasion of June 1944).

The Ministry of Defence sold Syrencot in May 2000. At this point, the house needed extensive repairs and was fully renovated in 2018 to become the wonderful venue it is today.

You can see more information on our history here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Figheldean

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